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NEC Aspila EX
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Model : NEC-EX

Introducing Aspila EX 
Internet Protocol (IP) telephony can give businesses a level of flexibility unknown with a traditional phone system where the data network also carries your voice traffic. Components familiar to desktop PC users are now appearing in IP phone system.

Aspila EX, the new IP telephony from NEC is an IP communication system that offers the latest technological benefits without compromising on the reliability of traditional telephony. Aspila EX allows you to converge your voice and data network and enjoy the many advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while enjoying the hundreds of features you have come to expect from traditional/analog switching. Aspila EX lets your organization benefit from the potential cost-saving advantages of IP even if you are not ready to migrate to 100% telephony immediately. That?s because Aspila EX give you a choice : You can deploy traditional circuit-switched technology, VoIP or combination, from one system! You have the freedom to adopt VoIP when and where you are ready.

For most companies the phone system is an essential business toll, where reliability is paramount.

Aspila EX the right technology, the right choice
It?s about choice and Aspila EX offers what is best for you and your business requirements. If a complete IP solution is required, then Aspila EX will provide full-blown peer to peer IP telephony. And unlike the inflexibility of early IP packages, it can also installed as a traditional phone system. To access the benefits of IP telephony you just need to buy a phone adapter and an IP license.

Aspila EX is your choice
 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 
VoIP is a term used in IP telephony for sending voice information in digital form by using the Internet Protocol (IP) instead of the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). One of the key benefit of VoIP ad internet telephony is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone service.

Aspila EX offers you the flexibility and freedom to implement at a pace that suits your company. You can mix and match Aspila EX IP phones with normal, analogues phones. Alternatively, you can install Aspila EX with IP phones plugging into your IP network and use wireless LAN. 

 Ease your migration to IP telephony 
When your business needs arise and you want to enjoy more IP features, all you need to do is just buy an IP adapter, add it onto your traditional phone and your traditional phone instantly becomes an IP phone.

 Cost Effective 
Aspila EX VoIP capability allows you to place voice calls over the data network. VoIP reduces long distance charges by using IP to connect multiple office locations and even countries. You will save in maintaining your system as you only maintain one network of voice and data with Aspila EX compare to two separate networks of voice and data in traditional phone system. 

 Total Investment Protected 
As Aspila EX lets you enjoy both traditional phone system and IP you will need to change your traditional phone system when you migrate to IP phone system. Your investment today is protected tomorrow. 

 One Box Solution 
Aspila EX EX offers you a revolutionary one box solution for your business which includes voice, data, CTI applications and other functions to increase productivity.

Building-Block Architecture

  Compact Design
418mm x 397mm x 265mm (WxHxD)

Installation Flexibility
19-inch Rack / Wall / Floor Mountable


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